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Update by user Jan 10, 2015

Correction- This exhibits a lack of attentiveness in a dangerous situation and also Mike's involvement in the transaction and work product.

Original review posted by user Jan 09, 2015

I have been contacted by Michael C. Davies with regard to reviews.

I thank you Rokella Jeffrey and Michael C. Davies (father) for showing the pool around which YOU allowed your child to play during renovation. I was concerned and actually steered the youngster AWAY from the mostly empty pool!! A little surprised that Mr. Davies was not very attentive.

This exhibits obvious child neglect as well as Mike's involvement in the transaction.

I will not forgo my United States of America, 1st amendment right for any foreigners! "RECEIPTS_CABINETS!!!" u Limey's.

If the pool is not in this review, it should be in the before photos on the LUVLY website!!

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

I didn't like: Deceptive practices.

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Rokella and Mike are pathological liars and scammers. The epitome of trash.

Rokella pled guilty to a misdemeanor for practicing without a license. Mike is a fraud.

They are broke as a joke and will scam you out of a quarter if they can.

Orlando, Florida, United States #998669

I know Mr. Davies he is a lovely man and a fantastic Father, a Church goer with a beautiful family, who would do anything for anyone and certainly in no way does he or his wife neglect their children, quite the opposite.

As far as I know he is not involved with this company in any capacity whatsoever, he has International Companies, unless you can prove otherwise? He is the husband of the owner of this company that's it, and from what I heard was their all the times you tried to bully her, the person you have set out to destroy from what I have read in your vile posts, which of course are all LIES! If you are a man why do you need to post multiple posts in various names on a million websites? You are defaming and slandering these people in the most malicious way possible, 3rd Felon, Fraudster, Scammers, mugshot?

She has never been charged with or convicted of any crime anywhere anytime! From what I have heard about you from non related people, is that you are a nasty vindictive little man, with no money for the project and no friends, playing the victim! You fired her from the job without allowing her to complete the work because you had no funds, period. You did not pay her the fee that you promised or the funds she spent from her own money on your goods and keeping your job going, $8,000 what kind of man is that?

Calling them both foreigners and limeys! Really? Are you a child? She is a US Citizen so are her children, I hear you are African American so what difference does it make?

You a racist because he is white and English and his wife is black? We are a country of immigrants, the red indian is American they were here before us and always were. They have not responded to you because they have dignity and do not play childish games they have been waiting for your Attorneys call for months!

He did not call? You reap what you sow willroid.

Luvly Interiors - In Response to Mr. Vince. J

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Why thank you very much Mr. Vince for those kind words.

If you would be so kind to make your balance due payment, It would be appreciated. Apart from making the payment I would also luv it if you can refrain from posting lies and post the picture of the area you have posted with the work done and not in the demolished stage.

I shouldn't have gone against my gut feeling choosing to work with this client to prove I can help him get out of a situation he had no clue what he was doing.

Have a luvly Day.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Luvly Interiors LLC w/ Kitchen Magic aka Bradford Interiors took my cabinets!!!

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Update by user May 13, 2016

Consumer Fraud Division of Orange County, Florida

****GOT ‘EM****

See The State of Florida-vs- Rokella Jeffrey

Orange County Florida-Clerk of Court CRIMINAL CASE RECORDS

Luvly Interiors LLC, N/K/A Lecode Interior Design LLC owner, Rokella Fanella Jeffrey was busted and charged in criminal court earlier this year for her actions in this ‘014 staging/remodeling operation.

Ms. Rokella Fanella Jeffrey (A.K.A.) Rokelle Jeffrey, Mrs.

Jeffrey, Rokella F. Davis (Davies), Rokella Jeffries avoided a possible JAIL term by plea agreement. Ms. Jeffrey has been operating her Lecode Interior Design LLC operation while under a “Cease & Desist” order from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation in May of 2015.

Unlicensed Details from "myfloridalicense" State website Respondent Name JEFFREY, ROKELLA Complaint ID 1531584 County Osceola Profession Certified General Contractor Street Number 4050 Complaint Number 2015016793 Address Line1 CLIPPER COURT Complaint Class Unlicensed Activity Address Line2 D/B/A LUVLY INTERIORS, LLC Entered Date 4/14/2015 Address Line3 AKA: DAVIS ROKELLA FANELLA Disposition Date 5/30/2015 City KISSIMMEE Complaint Disposition Notice to Cease & Desist Issued State FL Zip 34746 2016-MM-000305-A-O STATE OF FLORIDA - VS - JEFFREY, ROKELLA FANELLA This process/charge is the one often used to stop remodeling scams. IMO.

Update by user Mar 14, 2015

ORANGE COUNTY CONSUMER FRAUD UNIT investigation of Rokella Jeffrey dba Luvly Interiors LLC.

Rokella Jeffrey dba Luvly Interiors LLC with continued false statements and questionable practices have led the Orange County Consumer Fraud Unit to investigate more serious charges.

A 3rd degree FELONY investigation has arisen from Rokella Jeffrey dba Luvly Interiors LLC and her questionable business practices and continued activities.

While ALREADY UNDER INVESTIGATION for possible misdemeanor violation, Rokella Jeffrey turned the investigation toward a 3rd degree FELONY by filing a potentially fraudulent lien.

The initial investigation stemmed from alleged breach of contract, inflated- bogus invoicing, billing for unperformed services (doorbells, smoke detectors, etc.), unsubstantiated labor costs and UNDELIVERED GOODS (those darned cabinets) as well as billing for uncompleted work and skilled work (electrical rewiring) being performed by unlicensed and unsupervised laborers.

The 2014 Florida Statutes: Title XL REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY Chapter 713 LIENS, GENERALLY 713.31 Remedies in case of fraud or collusion. (1) When the owner or any lienor shall, by fraud or collusion, deprive or attempt to deprive any lienor of benefits or rights to which such lienor is entitled under this part by establishing or manipulating the contract price or by giving false affidavits, releases, invoices, worthless checks, statements, or written instruments permitted or required under this part relating to the… (2)(a)  Any lien asserted under this part in which the lienor has willfully exaggerated the amount for which such lien is claimed or in which the lienor has willfully included a claim for work not performed upon or materials not furnished for the property upon which he or she seeks to impress such lien or in which the lienor has compiled his or her claim with such willful and gross negligence as to amount to a willful exaggeration shall be deemed a fraudulent lien.

(b)  It is a complete defense to any action to enforce a lien under this part, or against any lien in any action in which the validity of the lien is an issue, that the lien is a fraudulent lien; and the court so finding is empowered to and shall declare the lien unenforceable, and the lienor thereupon forfeits his or her right to any lien on the property upon which he or she sought to impress such fraudulent lien. (3) ANY PERSON WHO WILLFULLY FILES A FRAUDULENT LIEN, as defined in this section, COMMITS A FELONY OF THE THIRD DEGREE, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s.

775.083, or s. 775.084

Original review posted by user Dec 15, 2014


These people either grossly UNDERBID a project they were not capable of or I have been SCAM*ED. My attorney is working this out now if they have the nerve to return his call.

Miss Rokella Jeffrey, (owner) contracted with and her husband Mike Davies advised me on a remodel of my home and at every request for any accountability (receipts), there was an all out battle.

They even brought the KIDS along to assist in the set-up!!

Rokella Jeffrey, Mike Davies and I agreed to a budget of $25000 with some “wiggle” room either way. 4-6 weeks to complete or less.

Rokella said she would use this job to “SHOWCASE” her work and as a result would “NOT CHARGE MARK UPS”

MISS JEFFREY wiggled me out of $35000 with a request for $15000 more!

Our contract clearly stated there were to be receipts provided at various stages of work, to date there has been ONLY 1, for some 2nd hand appliances, this receipt APPEARS DOCTORED AND IN ROKELLA JEFFREY’S HANDWRITTING !!! This after $35,000 in expenditures!

The project ended after Jeffrey with Charles Bradford’s (Kitchen Magic, Bradford Interiors) cooperation, absconded my kitchen cabinets I had paid for, (who knows what else) and demanded a fee for their return.

They had NO regard for performance clauses, always for funding.

No matter what the delay, MICHAEL “Mike” DAVIES would ALWAYS blame “lack of funds”, even though the project was fully or “over funded” for the given period.

During this ordeal I have ALWAYS operated within the constructs of our written contract and now they have taken my goods because they can't provide documentation of where the money went!!!

They even kept their relatives working until funds were exhausted while leaving COMPLETED subcontractor work unpaid.

I think I answered my original question.

"Be on the lookout"!


Owner, Rokella Jeffrey (pictured)

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $26000.

I didn't like: Being scammed.

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